Prosper Program for Achievement

“You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it” – Albert Einstein.

successIt is scientifically and medically proven that 95% of the time, your life is run by programs in your subconscious mind that you recorded as you developed from fetus around 4 months old to about 7 years of age. Only 5% of the time the conscious mind is active hence the failure of self help books and seminars.

The number one reason for failure in life is a lack of clearly defined goals and strategies for their achievement. Volumes have been written about this subject and yet people are living lives of quiet desperation, frustration, poor performance and self sabotaging behaviour.

The PROSPER PROGRAM transcends the conscious mind where the self sabotaging behaviour originates from and focus on the reprogramming of the subconscious mind. This is achieved by clearly defining the desired outcome and using specific audio frequencies, alter the brain state to the required holistic whole brain state and reprogramming the subconscious mind.

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    Goals are dreams with deadlines

    To achieve challenging goals and reach high performance levels in your career or sport, you need to change your “mental software”.

    The Prosper Program will how you step by step how to set your goals properly, and how to make those goals part of your “mental software” in a way that is compatible with the unique design of the human brain.

    Application of the Prosper Program gives you a reliable mechanism to plan and achieve your goals. This is the all-in-one, practical, easy to use mechanism which enables you to FOCUS. It co-ordinates all your intellectual and physical abilities to achieve your self-determined goals.

    Package includes

    • Available for Windows™ or Android™ devices for added mobility

    • Instructions

    • Workbook

    • 3 Information Videos

    • 2 Audio frequencies for goal achievement



    This is awe-inspiring. The best we ever came across. In our experience its effectiveness is beyond calculation!

    SUCCEED Magazine

    The program enabled me to achieve first place country wide. Any person interested in success should use this program.

    Edna Groenewald

    The Prosper program enables me to solve problems and deal with challenges in a profoundly effective way. My brain suddenly produces alternatives to overcome the seemingly impossible.

    Hein Strydom

    I had no direction in my day and I did not know where to start. I followed the Prosper Program step by step, and every week, every day I was amazed to see how I got closer to my goal – business literally walked to my door! I am more focused, my energy levels are much higher and I am much sharper. Something happened which I can not quite explain. I just know that for me it works.

    Ria Kruger

    Recharge Your Brain

    The PROSPER STUDY SYSTEM will help you reduce stress and concentrate immediately, memorise better, recall easier, recharge brain and body and helps you sleep peacefully.