The Prosper Study System

brain synapsesThe Beta FOCUS sound track will help you get started with your studies quickly and with better concentration while you are studying. The technology on the sound track assists your brain in reaching and staying in the wide awake brain state while you are listening to the sounds. You will benefit even more because it keeps you relaxed. The result is a relaxed but focused mode – ideal for study, constructive thoughts and analysing of information, etc.

There are two focus sound tracks, both lasting 35 minutes. These two tracks have the same effects although the sounds differ slightly. Remember to take a short break after 35 minutes. You will be warned by two soft beeps near the end, which indicates that there are two minutes left before the sound track ends.

When you have to concentrate on new study material, listen to FOCUS while studying. Take a short break at the end of each study period.

brain synapsesWhen you have mastered the study material and want to memorise it, listen to Alpha MEMORY. The sound technology on this section helps you to relax and synchronises the brain wave patterns in the left and right hemispheres – resulting in an optimal condition for maximum memory and recall. This represents a light Alpha brain state. You can listen to Alpha MEMORY while going over your study material or reading it aloud. It is advisable to use memorising techniques, for example, visualising, mind mapping or flash cards. Alpha MEMORY helps to make you more efficient, irrespective of the memorising technique you use.

Alpha MEMORY offers a choice of three sound tracks, all having the same effect with different background sounds. You can choose among the sound of a river (Riverflow), music (Musicflow) and music and sounds of nature(Natureflow). All these sounds represent the flow of information to your brain. While you are memorising, imagine the information flowing freely and comfortably into and out of your mind when you have to recall. The track Riverflow is 35 minutes and the other two MEMORY tracks are 10 minutes each.

When you have mastered the study material and you want to revise or memorise it, the Alpha Memory track will help you achieve this. Most students prefer to master a part of their study material by using Beta Focus, after which they immediately use Alpha Memory to memorise it, before they start a new section. Alpha Memory is also ideal for creative thinking.

The RECHARGE Spinnaker program is designed to give you 30 minutes of relaxation or to revive your mental powers between study sessions. It is also ideal to use as a “refresher” when you are tired after classes or work and you have to study. It is no use sitting for hours and hours at your desk and trying to concentrate when you are mentally too tired to study effectively. It is much better to give your brain a break and to “recharge your batteries”. By first using the RECHARGE you will be relaxed, yet focused, and should be able to study effectively.

RECHARGE Spinnaker takes your mind off your present circumstances and enables you to relax your mind and body. The sound track lasts 25 minutes but because the techniques help you experience deep levels of total relaxation, you’ll find you don’t have an accurate indication of time passing by during this experience. Some people will feel as if they have been away for “hours” or even “days”. For others it may seem like a few moments.

The Recharge section on the CD can be used when you are tired after class or work or in between study sessions. Recharge your “batteries” while lying on your bed or sitting in a comfortable chair with your head supported.

clouds with moon and skySleeping is the natural remedy for a tired and exhausted body. During a sleep cycle your muscles relax, your body temperature drops, your utilisation of oxygen decreases, your rate of metabolism slackens and your level of awareness decreases dramatically. The cerebral cortex – seen as the centre of your feelings, imagination and consciousness – becomes silent like a huge telephone switchboard switched off during the night. Brain wave activity decreases in amplitude and frequency when less than four cycles per second are reached.

The SLEEPSTART program is similar to the RECHARGE, with the difference that it does not bring you back to the wide awake mode. It takes you to a deep level of relaxation and keeps you there. When you struggle to fall asleep because of stress or exhaustion, this program can assist you in “switching off”, to relax your brain wave patterns and to start the process of sleeping.

When you are struggling to fall asleep, use Sleepstart while you are lying on the bed.

brainBRAINSTORM is a technique to assist you in solving problems and to explore new ideas. A brainstorm session is an active process during which your must think and write. The sound track lasts ten minutes and the special sound technology on the track helps with the synchronisation of the electrical patterns in the left and right hemispheres of the brain – an ideal state for whole-brain thinking. The nature sounds that are used symbolise the small chemo-electrical storm that takes place between the neurons in your brain during a brainstorm session.

Everything you have learned and experienced in your past is stored in your subconscious mind. Although you may not be aware of it, you already possess a vast database. Your brain can use this information to solve problems and to generate new ideas. Furthermore, no man-made computer can come close to the effectiveness and abilities of your brain. The idea of BRAINSTORM is that during this process a kind of fusion takes place, during which your brain forms new links and associations between known and possibly new concepts, to create something new and useful in the process.

Listen to Brainstorm when you are looking for new ideas or solutions to get you going.

Recharge Your Brain

The PROSPER STUDY SYSTEM will help you reduce stress and concentrate immediately, memorise better, recall easier, recharge brain and body and helps you sleep peacefully.