Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

I actually got the System because Nicole was struggling with her schoolwork. She could not learn properly and I was forced to do something about her performance. She struggled with Maths and learning subjects like History and Geography.

We started using the Prosper Study System and since then her marks improved between 8 to 12%. She used to bite her nails often. But “touch wood”, ever since she started using the System, her nails are growing as well! I recommend the System for every family even though they think their children is doing well, or achieving great results. Everybody benefits from it! Our other child, John, is also using the Prosper Study System with great success.


I feel great about it, it is just absolutely wonderful! I start by using the Rechargeand then I open my books and put the Focus on and then I start learning. It makes me memorise my work better.


I am very happy with the Prosper Study System.

When I come home I start by listening to Recharge. I then study with Focus and after that I go over the study material listening to Memory.

My mother was very upset when I did badly in my tests. I used to get 40% instead of 80 or 100% which I was able to get. When I did not focus I felt nervous that I was going to fail.

With the Prosper Study System I start concentrating and focusing on my work and not being disrupted in class. My mom feels very happy about what I am getting now.


Mikhail was very excited when I told him the System is going to make him concentrate. He is hyperactive and not able to sit still for 5 minutes which prevents him from studying. He would find excuses not to do his homework and never get started. He would not listen to anyone; he would do his own thing. I did not know what to do to help him because he learned the work but would not get it into his head. I was very frustrated and did not know how to help him.

When he first used the System the first thing he did was to go to his room. He listened to the Recharge and you could immediately see the difference. He relaxed. Then he took his books and after the first time he studied, he knew the answers on all ten questions! This was such a relief and proofed that he had focused and concentrated.

Mikhail failed about every subject and since he used the System he passed every subject. His marks improved drastically, from very low to 80%. Because he concentrated while he studied he could still remember what he had learnt the next day.

I was very agitated, even at work because I knew when I got home he would not have done his homework. But after he started using the Study System I came home and asked him anything and he knew it off by heart.

Since he has tried the Study System with the Focus and the Recharge his personality has changed. He has more confidence in himself. I do not think he actually believed in himself before but now he realise that he can do it!


When I come home from school I go to my room and use Recharge. It makes a big difference and helps me to relax completely. Then I start to listen to Focus. This makes the difference – first the Recharge and then the Focus.

If the program is able to help me it can help anybody!


Before we had the Prosper Study System we all stressed. I had to sit all afternoon helping Jeandré with his schoolwork. We were angry with each other.

Now we do not have to spend as much time with homework as in the past because he is able to cope on his own. He takes the responsibility to study by himself and the conflict is much less. We all are more relaxed – even during exam time. This is what we experienced as a family and we strongly recommend this program to others with similar problems.

Jeandré’s marks improved with his first test after he started using the Study Systemalthough the work was quite difficult to master. His exam marks also improved. At night he insists on listening to Sleepstart to relax and to assist him to fall asleep.

Nicole is not only hyperactive but has difficulties paying attention to her school work. TheProsper Study System has a relaxing effect so that she is able to focus on her work. Now she uses the System and does your homework on her own.